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[ARTICLE] What I’m Playing This Christmas

By Dan Spence on 02/12/2015

With Christmas on its way, gamers everywhere wait in anticipation to receive the wonderful gift of new video games from their friends and loved ones. In the meantime however, the rest of December makes for the perfect time for me to catch up on the ever-increasing list of games that I either haven’t finished or missed out on entirely. With those things in mind, here’s my┬álist of what I’ll be playing on the lead up to Christmas.

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[ARTICLE] Are Random Battles Necessary in 2015?

By Dan Spence on May 14th 2015



With gaming constantly reaching new graphical and technical heights why do so many games still rely on more old-fashioned game-mechanics like random battles? Many old game-mechanics still manage to feel interesting due to game developers incorporating them in fresh, new ways, yet somehow random encounters manage to appear in various games with little-to-no alterations.

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